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Paradox – HD 720p – Dublado Online

Paradox – HD 720p – Dublado Online
Nota: 7,8 / 10

Paradox – HD 720p – Dublado Online

Sinopse: Cientistas fazem teste com máquina do tempo que gera uma série de assassinatos dos membros da equipe, restando somente um. Quem é o assassino? - Duração: 89 minutos


Lançamento: 2016

Áudio: DUB/LEG

Visitas: 563.877

Idade: Livre

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2007, Ficção Científica, Terror

Sinopse: The film follows a writers unwitting discovery of the history and secret efforts of a cult in Victoria, Canada that has been engaged in a 60 year effort to open a portal between our world and another, letting in a host of vicious inter-dimensional beings. The city of Victoria was rumored in the 1980s to be the second worldwide capital of Satanism after Geneva, Switzerland. Dark Paradox explores the idea that this myth was not only partially true but also partially inaccurate in suggesting the cult activity was Satanic when in fact it was based on the worship of ancient extraterrestrial elder gods in the vein of HP Lovecrafts fiction. - Duração: 89 minutos